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Ploughs for all soils

Agricultural soil is extremely variable, and therefore advanced ploughs are needed for tillage, both in equipment and construction materials. Adjustments and careful set-up to the characteristics of the tractors are important parameters for the best quality of work

Unico M, the "next gen" ploughs from Maschio Gaspardo

Versatility and adaptability are the strong points of the UNICO range of reversible ploughs, Maschio Gaspardo's flagship product, now with a completely new design. The Padua-based company (headquartered in Campodarsego) offers several models with different header and frame sizes (XS,...

New technologies for open field ploughing

At first glance, the classic mouldboard plough looks like a very simple instrument whereas it is actually one of the implements which has benefited from most innovations over time to reach the point of being designed by modeling software to become a highly sophisticated tool

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