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Unico M, the "next gen" ploughs from Maschio Gaspardo

by the editorial staff
May - June 2021 | Back

Versatility and adaptability are the strong points of the UNICO range of reversible ploughs, Maschio Gaspardo's flagship product, now with a completely new design. The Padua-based company (headquartered in Campodarsego) offers several models with different header and frame sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL), with a tractor power requirement ranging from a minimum of 55 Hp to a maximum of 400 Hp (in the XL HD versions).

UNICO is equipped with the SMOOTH SET parallelogram system, designed to optimise setting times and improve accuracy in the field. The parallelogram maintains the settings given by the operator on the first body and on the plough alignment, which always remain aligned regardless of any changes in the working width. SMOOTH SET allows, on the one hand, to limit stresses on the frame and headstock, and, on the other hand, to adjust the first body without changing the direction of the tractor, even when the machine is moving.

The new interchangeable headstock makes it easy to switch between different hitch categories (II, IIIN, III and IV cat., depending on the size chosen), as well as being able to convert the front end from fixed to steerable linkage. The modular frame system, using a plate on the standard frame, allows an additional body to be added and optimises the use with tractors of different power ratings. 

The range can be equipped with two different safety systems, shear bolt or NSH (NON STOP Hydraulic Safefy System). The former is recommended on terrains with few obstacles. When the breaking point is exceeded, the bolt shears off, lifting the body and preventing damage to the machine. In the NSH system, hydraulic jacks connected to the rear of the working body with hydraulically adjustable preload from the cab allow the bodies to be lifted in the event of an impact, returning to position as soon as the obstacle is overcome.

The new models include the UNICO M, a parallelogram-adjustable reversible plough for ploughing in furrow, available with 3 to 5 bodies and for tractor powers up to 200 Hp. This implement features a sturdy 120x120x10 mm extendable frame, 80x30 mm beans, 95 or 105 cm body spacing, 80 cm clearance (87 cm optional to increase the capacity for burying crop or organic residues). Other winning features of the UNICO M are the bolted chisel on each ploughshare and the attachment plate for adding an extra body (only on extendable versions).

Finally, Maschio Gaspardo offers a wide range of customised ploughs, ploughshares, mouldboards and coulters (helical, cylindrical and striped) that maximise the potential of the machine and allow the operator to work in the most diverse conditions of soil structure, types of residue (both crop and organic) and working depth to tackle the most diverse types of crop.



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