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SRX, the hybrid by Antonio Carraro

EIMA International 2021 raises the curtain on the 102 horsepower SRX HYBRID compact tractor, the first produced by Antonio Carraro with hybrid propulsion. Developed by the company in Campodarsego (Padua) in collaboration with Ecothea, a start-up of the Turin Polytechnic...

Blu innovations and technologies signal Carraro Group success

The hybrid tractors the Carraro Group are introducing at EIMA International has achieved great recognition with the Blu award 2018 Technical Innovation award in the Technologies competition and the prize for respect for the environment. The awards decisively mark a...

Mowers with driver on board, an innovative segment

This type of machines, mainly used for professional maintenance, has a wide range of solutions both for the engines and for the cutting decks. From the petrol engine to the electric and hybrid motor, from the front cutting deck to the ventral or lateral one, the industry offers the most suitable means for the most different applications

The TF 40.7 Hybrid and the TF 42.7, great winners marking Merlo's 50th

Two prizewinning machines at Agritechnica underscoring the level reached by the technological department of Merlo which this year celebrates its fifties anniversary

Future Farming? The Electric Tractor

Electrically powered tractors and other vehicles, small and large, are one of farming's new frontiers from wagons for fruit to small robots for park and orchard/vineyard maintenance with the aim to make farms self-sufficient for their energy

Hanover awards finest innovations

Agritechnica is awarding 4 gold medals and 33 silvers to the most innovative products and systems in the field of agricultural mechanics entered in the competition for the 2013 edition. Outstanding among the prize winning innovations is the Hybrid built by Merlo, a successful combination of energy savings, eco-compatibility and flexibility in operations

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