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Gardening equipment, clear growth in the market

The data on sales of machinery and equipment for gardening and landscaping aannounced at EIMA. Italian market at + 24.3% in nine months 2021, and exports for lawn mowers and chainsaws also up (+23% in July). Turnover 2021 of Italian industries expected at +15% for a value of almost one billion euros. The president of Comagarden, Renato Cifarelli, highlights the problem of raw materials, and the rising costs for Italian companies

Green machinery, growing market in 2020

After a sharp drop at the beginning of the year, sales of gardening machinery and equipment recovered steadily during the summer and autumn months, reaching a peak in the last quarter that brought the final balance to a profit of 3.3%. The figure for lawn mowers was negative, while sprayers, which are also used for sanitizing environments, showed a clear increase

Gardening machines, market in recovery

The third quarter of 2020 closes with +19% in total sales compared to the same period of 2019. The growth in the July-September period offsets the collapse that occurred in the first part of the year, limiting the losses for the first nine months to -0.7%

Garden equipment strong rebound in the second quarter

The gardening machinery and equipment market returned to growth in the second quarter of the year with an increase of 13.5% compared to the same period of 2019. However, the figure for the half-year is still negative (-7% on 2019) because the recovery in sales was unable to compensate for the losses of the lockdown. Boom of atomizers and sprayers (+44%)

Green machines: stable market in 2019

Sales of green space maintenance machines and equipment held their 2018 levels. After the significant increases recorded in the initial months of 2019, demand decreased in the fourth quarter due to bad weather conditions that blocked maintenance operations. The uncertainties related to Coronavirus are affecting the current year

Gardening: the first quarter freezes purchases

The prolonged winter weather in Italy in the first quarter of 2018 reduced the demand for machinery and equipment for gardening and the maintenance of greenery. Comagarden, the manufacturers association, expects to see the recovery of sales over the year thanks to bonus tax breaks for restructuring gardens and green areas. In the meantime, preparations are moving ahead for EIMA Green, the salon on gardening scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna for 270 specialized industries

New Vanguard engines from Briggs&Stratton

Vanguard is a new range of horizontal engines by Briggs & Stratton designed to ensure excellent performance and long term reliability. A leading feature introduced to these new Vanguard 4.85 kW (6.5 Hp) engines is the simplified start type with...

Mowers with driver on board, an innovative segment

This type of machines, mainly used for professional maintenance, has a wide range of solutions both for the engines and for the cutting decks. From the petrol engine to the electric and hybrid motor, from the front cutting deck to the ventral or lateral one, the industry offers the most suitable means for the most different applications

Greenery and the land in the foreground

The international exposition in Bari is dedicating an entire pavilion to technologies for gardening, the management of greenery and multi-functional activities. A complete range of products, from lawn tractors to gardening equipment and on to machinery for land management will be on view for hobbyists, professional groundskeepers and the general public

Garden, advanced systems for irrigation

The irrigation methods used for green spaces are basically "sprinkler irrigation and "drip irrigation". The first type of system is mainly used for large areas, football fields, golf courses and parks, while the second is more suitable for smaller surfaces, such as hedges and flower beds. Nowadays, there are also automated systems that plan the water delivery according to the specific needs of each site

Perfect gardening with Sirius and Orion

Two new lawnmower robots are coming to the market in December from the Emak Group, the Sirius 700 under the Efco brand name and the Orion 700 by Oleo-Mac. Both robomowers feature attractive and innovative design, advanced software and great...

EGMF positive trend in gardening for the first half year 2013

For the members of the European Federation of garden machinery manufacturers, in the first six months of the year the sales increased. Positive signals come from France and non-EU Eastern Countries. Western Europe markets are in trouble. Strong increase for the demand of cordless garden machinery

Urban green areas: an opportunity for agriculture

The Italian urban green areas are increasing: at the present time the availability is over 30 square meters per capita. New building procedures are rising, with buildings covered by vertical gardens and roof gardens. In this way, the farmers' range of action is widening, from cultivated fields to plant walls through traffic dividers with flowerbed

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