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Greenery and the land in the foreground

The international exposition in Bari is dedicating an entire pavilion to technologies for gardening, the management of greenery and multi-functional activities. A complete range of products, from lawn tractors to gardening equipment and on to machinery for land management will be on view for hobbyists, professional groundskeepers and the general public

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One entire pavilion has been allocated for gardening and multi-functional work.         
This is one of the new features brought in for the fifth edition of Agrilevante. M.i.A., the multi-functional farming salon will be held in the same garden exhibition area in Pavilion 20 set up in scenographic furnishings taking up some 2,000 square meters of about 50,000 square meters set up for the entire trade fair event hosting 40 manufacturers from around Italy and abroad for a total of 300 exhibitors presenting wide ranges of various types of machines.

These will extend from lawn tractors and other self-propelled machines to equipment and tools for the maintenance of greenery and gardening and machinery for the maintenance of trenches and roadside verges.

The Agrilevante greenery and land pavilion will feature the main merchandise categories in the sector attracting increasing interest of hobbyists, gardening enthusiasts and professional groundskeepers.

The organizers have explained that bringing the green sector into the multi-functional farming setting is based on a functional reason, that is, the fact that farmers are now often called on for work on the care and maintenance of the land, in part to prevent such environmental risks as flooding, fires and malfunction of water networks. In general, the areas of gardening, the maintenance of greenery and the land round out the exposition originally dedicated to technologies for agricultural supply chains but now extending to all types of operations and maintenance.

Because Agrilevante embraces all these sectors of Mediterranean agriculture, the review has become a point of reference for everyone in farming and greenery businesses throughout southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

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