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Irrigation controllers for gardening

Horticultural nurseries, greehouses, public and private parks, road trees, gardens, sports fields and golf courses, etc. There are many areas where irrigation controllers are successfully used in conjunction with a wide range of sensors for better management of watering operations

Garden, advanced systems for irrigation

The irrigation methods used for green spaces are basically "sprinkler irrigation and "drip irrigation". The first type of system is mainly used for large areas, football fields, golf courses and parks, while the second is more suitable for smaller surfaces, such as hedges and flower beds. Nowadays, there are also automated systems that plan the water delivery according to the specific needs of each site

Water conservation, localized irrigation

In addition to ensuring substantial water savings compared to traditional methods, micro-irrigation allows you to better manage the frequency and duration of the operations. With subirrigation, better still if combined with the simultaneous distribution of fertilizer, even greater efficiency is achieved

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