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Blu innovations and technologies signal Carraro Group success

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

The hybrid tractors the Carraro Group are introducing at EIMA International has achieved great recognition with the Blu award 2018 Technical Innovation award in the Technologies competition and the prize for respect for the environment. The awards decisively mark a start for the hybrid model with an advanced concept intended as an example for the sector of specialist tractors. The Carraro Group explained in a press release, “At first glance, the differences compared to a conventional tractor are hard to see: the same layout, typical dimensions, powertrain equipped with a synchronised mechanical Carraro 24 + 24 drive line which keeps its structural function. The controls and user interface in the cab are also traditional. The innovative element of the project, developed in collaboration with 4e Consulting, involves the creation of a system which integrates the downsized diesel cycle endothermic engine and a powerful 105 Hp electric motor as the powertrain of the vehicle, with the main aim of allowing rational use of the power output based on the different working requirements. The auxiliary systems are managed by the respective electric motors, allowing further rationalisation of uses. Thanks to this propulsive architecture, the user can decide whether to proceed in pure electric mode (for example, in greenhouses, stalls, or in centers), in diesel only mode (for example, on roads) or whether to exploit the power of the two integrated engines in hybrid mode (for example, for towing or carrying out heavy PTO work). The technical solution selected will also allow a significant reduction in tractor emissions and consumption. This is also true of maintenance interventions, which are reduced thanks mainly to the fact that the endo-thermic engine is used less frequently.”

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