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Carraro, the latest generation electric

by Giovanni M. Losavio
April - May 2020 | Back

At the Conexpo in Las Vegas (10-14 March), one of the most important global exhibitions dedicated to the construction machinery sector, Carraro of Campodarsego (Padua) presented its latest generation solutions for electric-powered equipment. The company from Veneto can boast over 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of integrated transmission systems for electric-powered vehicles.
The main change concerns an expansion of the range of hybrid and fully electric drive systems. In particular, Carraro stands out for its integrated approach, i.e. its ability to bring to the market the design of the entire system, combining the know-how gained in mechanical engineering with the strong expertise acquired in the electrical and electronic sector.
Compatible with all types of electrical architecture, the solutions developed by the Paduan company manage the powertrain through a dedicated ECU (Electronic Control Unit), employing the most appropriate electrical modules, suitably integrated and sized.
Motors, generators, inverters, batteries - explains the manufacturer - are designed in such a way as to optimize the entire system’s performance. The Carraro exhibition space at Conexpo, a true “technological demonstration stand”, used augmented reality tools to put on display some of the company’s most innovative offerings, with a focus on transmissions.
eTCH90 Long Drop. Full Powershift model with torque converter, designed to become a parallel electric/hybrid power unit suitable for various machines with equal-sized tyres, starting from telehandlers.
eTB220C. Transmission specifically designed for electrical applications, since it can minimize power losses even at high input rotation speed.
FLS 3.2. Full powershift hydrostatic transmission, able to meet the performance needs of several machines, from small wheel loaders to telehandlers.
eTCH90 Long Drop, eTB220C, FLS 3.2 are managed by software developed to operate inside the Carraro control unit, compliant with ISO 25119 (Functional Safety).

For all powertrain applications, Carraro can also achieve further efficiency in fuel consumption and productivity, by simultaneously controlling the entire system, engine and transmission.


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