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EIMA 2021, in the spotlight Nobili's new "electric" model

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

Moving from the virtual to the real. After their official launch, which took place last November on the EIMA Digital Preview platform, the two pieces of electric equipment- the E-SPRAYER and the E-MULCHER– developed by NOBILI from Molinella (Bologna), will be on show at EIMA International 2021. The large event audience can "touch them by hand" in the four-sided arcade and get to know live all their innovative technical features. As Nobili explains in a note, the two machines are powered by the New Holland E-Source generator positioned on the T4.110V, to which they are connected through a socket complying with AEF standards. 

Two electric motors operate one pump and the other the fan unit on the E-SPRAYER; an automatic dosage device, controlled by the tractor through the ISOBUS system, oversees the spreading of treatments. As mentioned in last March's issue of Mondo Macchina, the fan has a rotation regime with six different speeds, which can be selected according to the specific vegetative states of the plant; the movement of the blades can be reversed to clean the protection grid from the leaves that, sometimes, can obstruct its flow. A single electric motor on board the E-MULCHER drives the rotor with reversible rotation (this feature allows the machine to chop different vegetation types, even in terms of volume). At the same time, two linear actuators move the cutting head to the working position.

HF 95 - High-performance Fan - is the latest generation fan unit installed on the electrified sprayer. The patented WAVE BLADE is the beating heart of the HF family.  They will be showcased as brand-new products at EIMA 2021 on the Nobili stand.

The Nobili's electric mulcher is equipped with an electronic start and stop device, enabling it to keep a constant speed during the operational phase to achieve the best cutting quality. As the manufacturer explains in a technical note, "electrification makes it possible to improve not only the efficiency of the tractor-implement system but also the agility of maneuvering (trajectories with more pronounced angles can be followed) of the mulcher since the implement is no longer tied to the PTO.

From an operational point of view, these advantages lead to significant fuel savings per hectare, which, according to the manufacturer, reach 34% with E-SPRAYER and 31% with E-MULCHER. 


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