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SRX, the hybrid by Antonio Carraro

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2021 | Back

EIMA International 2021 raises the curtain on the 102 horsepower SRX HYBRID compact tractor, the first produced by Antonio Carraro with hybrid propulsion. Developed by the company in Campodarsego (Padua) in collaboration with Ecothea, a start-up of the Turin Polytechnic specialising in the design and prototyping of electric vehicles for applications on agricultural machinery, the SRX HYBRID is the result of a challenge.

The challenge was to create a hybrid machine starting from the most complex model in the Antonio Carraro range, a reversible isodiametric tractor with an articulated frame, but without increasing the size of the vehicle. In order not to lose the compactness that is so important in specialised farming applications, the designers of the Veneto-based company and Ecothea positioned the 20 kW electric motor between the gearbox and the thermal engine, a 55 kW liquid-cooled 3-cylinder Common Rail Turbo Intercooler. The construction solution developed thanks to the partnership between the Veneto-based company and the Polytechnic start-up makes it possible to exploit the power of the two drive systems to the full (up to 102 hp), ensuring continuous traction when working at the PTO with all attachments, in transport and when handling materials (by combining the vehicle with a forklift, a loader or road tools).

The overall peak power - explains the company in a note - can reach that of the most powerful configurations in the current Antonio Carraro range, thanks to an electronic control system which, developed specifically for the hybrid model, manages the ratio between the two engines. In subsequent versions, the Veneto-based manufacturer specifies, the SRX HYBRID can also operate in full electric mode, exploiting the charge of the lithium-ion batteries. In this case the diesel is switched off and the machine operates with zero emissions, with a considerable reduction in noise levels. The autonomy of full electric mode depends on the capacity of the battery pack, which is recharged when the brakes are applied, when the vehicle is working downhill, or in plug-in mode with recharging via an electric column or at the user's request through the diesel engine. According to the Veneto-based company, the SRX HYBRID not only reduces noise and vibration levels, but also cuts fuel consumption by 25%, while the combination of diesel and electric power offers a brilliant starting performance when restarting and working with specific equipment such as sprayers, tillers and trailers. Like all Antonio Carraro tractors, the compact configuration of the SRX HYBRID and the distribution of masses, even with hybrid propulsion, ensures maximum tractor stability on the roughest terrain and features a steering radius that enhances the agility typical of compact tractors.

One of the plus points of the Antonio Carraro hybrid is the ergonomic and functional control panel with an LCD screen that allows the operator to easily monitor all the machine's operating parameters, including electricity consumption. Finally, recharging takes place via a screen specifically dedicated to the management of this operation. 




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