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Antonio Carraro, world premiere for the full electric eSP

by Federico Valentini
October - November 2022 | Back

Exacly one year after the presentation at EIMA 2021 of the SRX Hybrid articulated-frame, isodiametric, reversible, cab model, with hybrid diesel-electric propulsion - the 55 kW internal combustion engine is combined with a 20 kW electric one for a total of 75 kW (102 Hp) - Antonio Carraro's R&D engineers, again in collaboration with Ecothea (a start-up of the Turin Polytechnic specialising in the design of electric vehicles for applications on agricultural machinery), have conceived a new vehicle with full electric propulsion. The new "concept tractor" offers the performance level of AC tractors currently in production, with the aim of reducing environmental pollution and noise emissions, fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

EIMA International 2022, will therefore host the presentation of the eSP model, a 100% electric vehicle for civil maintenance, deriving from the SuperPark model of AC's current production. The choice of the AC SuperPark (hence the name eSP) as the machine destined for full electric propulsion, stems from the idea that such a special vehicle, designed for urban maintenance, can immediately prove to be useful and performing thanks to its technical qualities dictated, first and foremost, by the ACTIO™ articulated chassis, a feature common to all AC vehicles. The vehicle is powered by a 25 kW (33.5 Hp) electric motor, while the batteries have a capacity of 32 kWh (640V working voltage) and can be recharged from the civil electric grid or from a column with a category 2 connection. eSP uses both conventional and newly developed electrified equipment.

Also on show at EIMA International, the new Tigre 3800 is an isodiametric tractor equipped with a 25.7 Hp Yanmar stage V engine. An 'all-rounder' for the management of small farmland, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, nurseries, but also parks, sports fields, municipal areas. It is a machine designed primarily for nurserymen who require a very narrow tractor (minimum external wheel width of 990 mm), stable on rough terrain, with great traction and high lifting power. The four-wheel drive and ACTIO™ chassis contribute to comfort and operating safety and allow work even on extremely rough terrain. One particularly prized feature in this new version is the productive capacity between tree plantations in nurseries. Thanks to the isodiametric wheels and great stability even with the implement raised, the machine can work efficiently while guaranteeing high productivity. Another element worth emphasising is the extreme robustness of the machine, despite being a "light" tractor.

Also making its debut in Bologna, the new Cento Series consists of tractors with a 73.6 Hp Kubota 3,769 cc stage V engine, direct injection, 4 cylinders, turbocharged, 16 valves, capable of guaranteeing maximum power and torque with remarkable elasticity of acceleration. A "lean" engine that ensures traction and grip on uneven terrain, slopes and manoeuvres between rows. The gearbox is the reliable 16+16 Antonio Carraro.

Another interesting item is the Mach4 Tony tractor, four-track, with cab, articulated, reversible, with hydrostatic transmission, available for the Italian market in two engine sizes, 73.2 Hp stage V and 96.7 Hp 3B. The four rubber tracks have a minimum width of 1,300 mm and the AIR cab is pressurised and air-conditioned with ROPS - FOPS certification in Cat. 4. The Mach4 Tony is a tractor equipped with interconnectable electronics suitable for Agriculture 4.0 that can provide maximum efficiency in treatments, respecting the soil cover in the sophisticated cultivation processes required by organic farming. The vehicle adapts to working conditions impractical for other tractors, offering stability and operational safety at the highest level. The 4 tracks are an AC solution born and tested since 2007, which saw the introduction of the new rubber "Tracks" capable of high performance in the field. The maximum speed with road use approval (not given to classic crawlers) is 30 km/h.


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