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Compact and high-performing new tractors from Carraro

by the editorial staff
October - November 2016 | Back

Carraro Tractors arrives at EIMA with four new models of specialized tractors, designed by understanding the needs and expectations of users. Back in the spotlight, the FB (Frutteto Basso - Low Orchard) model, the bestseller from the Rovigo brand which, thanks to a maximum bonnet height of only 1200 mm, is confirmed as the ideal solution for the many farmers who work in canopy vineyards, greenhouses, and hazel, olive, and orange groves. Also in the low tractor segment, Carraro Tractors features the newborn VLB (Vigneto Largo Basso - Wide Low Vineyard) with a low-profile cab. This is a low-profile machine for work under canopies with minimum overall width of 1350 mm. Like the FB, this machine combines qualities of compactness and power matched to the overall width, meeting the needs of an increasingly specialized agriculture.

The jewel in the crown is the VL (Vigneto Largo - Wide Vineyard), a tractor designed for intensive espalier crops, with an overall width of less than 1400 mm, and a cabin width of 1010 mm.

This will be the first Carraro tractor to be presented in Stage IIIB, with a 105 Hp FPT engine, a Carraro 24 + 12 gear transmission with electrohydraulic inverter and a half-gear under load, with electro-hydraulically operated lift and distributors. Thanks to the new common rail engine, the entire range IIIB will have a better distribution and optimization of the power and torque curves, which will increase to provide even better performance.

The latest news is the K Series, 35 Hp to 55 Hp compact tractors, born from the partnership with Korean manufacturer Kukje Machinery, able to provide high motor and hydraulic system performance.


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