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AXIS, independent weighing system from Kuhn

by Giovanni M. Losavio
March - April 2021 | Back

Its name is AXIS, and it's the cutting edge of the Kuhn range in the fertilizer spreader segment. The French manufacturer offers four models with a spreading width ranging from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 50 meters and a hopper loading capacity ranging from 1,000 liters for the AXIS 20.2 to over 4,000 liters for the 50.2.

But the true star of this series is the Electronic Mass flow Control (EMC) technology, based on the proportional relationship between the fertilizer flow rate of each nozzle and the drive torque of each spreading disc. The EMC system - says the manufacturer in a note - independently measures and adjusts the fertilizer flow rate on each spreading disc on the right and left sides. Should there be a flow defect within the programmed dose (measurements are taken every second), the Electronic Mass flow Control enables the machine to modify the nozzle opening adjustment. The EMC system is available both in the version mechanically operated through the power take-off (M-EMC) and in the hydraulically operated version (H-EMC), which is appreciated for its greater versatility, comfort, and precision. The new integrated and waterproof SpeedServo electric engines are integrated and waterproof, ensuring - the manufacturer claims - a drive speed 2.5 times higher than traditional models and faster valve adjustment.

This solution is very beneficial when working with GPS because it makes it possible to spread the correct dose and adjust the working width to obtain excellent control of the sections. AXIS spreaders are available in the Quantron version with a control unit or the ISOBUS version compatible with many terminals in use.



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