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Haymaking, new products from Kuhn

by Fabrizio Sereni
July-August-September 2023 | Back

This year Kuhn presented a number of new products for the haymaking sector, which joined the traditional top models in the French manufacturer's range.

FC 1015 Series. It marks the debut of a new vertically folding model with a working width of 3.5 metres. This is the FC 3515 R rear-mounted mower-conditioner equipped with a SQUAREFLEX roller conditioner. The large-diameter rollers (24 cm) are characterised by their innovative design and are equipped as standard with a dual drive synchronised for life. Some components are made of aluminium, reducing the total weight of the machine compared to one with a finger conditioner. The FC 3515 R - explains Kuhn - ensures efficient conditioning of all types of forage (alfalfa, ryegrass, millet, etc.) with minimal maintenance requirements.

GF 13003. Kuhn is also expanding its hay tedder series with a 13-metre capacity machine - the GF 13003 - equipped with the new OPTITEDD rotors. The new hay tedder is aimed primarily at professionals (the 12 rotors offer very high performance) and is characterised by its ground adherence, tedding and forage turning quality, as well as even crop distribution on the ground.

GA 8131 CL. The GA 8131 CL windrower is equipped with a pick-up scarifier, which lifts and aerates unprocessed forage from the rotors, thereby optimising crop drying. The 1.80 m wide pick-up aereator is positioned in front of the rotors: it lifts and aerates the forage in the central area of the swath, which is usually not raked by "traditional" models. One of the strengths of the Kuhn windrower is the deflector device that creates uniform swaths.

GA 1032+. Is a complete line of side-mounted trailed windrowers. All three models stand out for their high levels of productivity, versatility and manoeuvring agility.With a working width ranging from 3.55 to 6.45 metres (GA 6632+), 4.05 to 7.45 metres (GA 7932+) or 4.65 to 8.60 metres (GA 9032+) in the 'single windrow' configuration, the three machines offer a windrow width of 6.50 metres (GA 6632+), 7.65 metres (GA 7932+) or 8.80 metres (GA 9032+) in the 'double windrow' configuration. The latter is particularly suitable for making swaths at night and for tipping the swaths.



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