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VARI-MASTER L On Land, designed to last

by Giacomo Di Paola
January 2022 | Back

Kuhn expands its range of ploughs with the new Vari-Master L On Land, an out-of-furrow model with 4 to 6 bodies, designed to work in combination with compact tractors of 200 to 300 Hp.

The Master L range - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - is positioned between the Master 153 and 183, and its main plus is the ability to exploit all the traction available from crawler tractors or those fitted with wide tyres, keeping soil compaction to a minimum. The Vari-Master L On Land plough has also been designed to optimise operating costs.

The special kinematics eliminate any drift due to variations in offset or working width, and keep the machine in line with the forward direction of the tractor. This reduces not only fuel consumption but also wear and tear.

To improve residue clearing and burial, Kuhn has equipped the Vari-Master L On Land with a tool-free system for adjusting the angle of attachment of the skimmers, while the new curved frame allows the wheel to protrude less, so that it can work as close as possible to the edges of the field and thus perfect the finishing of the plots.

Other major strengths of the Kuhn plough include the Vari system, which optimises productivity, and the steering rod integrated into the frame, which provides protection against shocks. Also contributing to the Vari-Master L On Land's strength are the mechano-welded construction and the forging of the components most subject to wear.


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