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The versatility of Kuhn belt rakes

by Giacomo Di Paola
May - June 2021 | Back

In the belt rake segment, Kuhn offers two machines developed from the Merge Maxx 950 model. These are the Merge Maxx 760 and the Merge Maxx 1090, which have all the same features as their "big brother", starting with the cam-type pick-up and Windguard roller, designed to form regular swaths. Another advantage of the two Merge Maxx machines is the possibility for the user to decide, depending on operating requirements, whether to work the crop in a central or lateral position.

Equipped with two 2.75 metre wide pick-ups, the MERGE MAXX 760 has a working width of 5.5 metres when working from the side, and up to 7.50 metres when working from the centre. The direction of belt distribution and the lifting of the collection unit are controlled by two double-acting hydraulic distributors and a control unit.

The size and features of the MERGE MAXX 760 make it a working tool suitable for medium-sized farms or operational settings with very rough terrain.

The MERGE MAXX 1090 model, on the other hand, has been designed to create large swaths for the most powerful harvesting equipment (the conveyor belt channel has been enlarged).

When positioned centrally, the working width reaches 11 metres; when positioned laterally, the two 4.4 metre pick-ups positioned side by side reach a raked width of 8.8 metres, not including the side swath. MERGE MAXX 1090 is controlled by two double-acting spool valves, controlled by the AT10 control unit.


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