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6000FP BIG, the Repossi swath rake cuts costs

by Giacomo Di Paola
October 2021 | Back

At EIMA 2021, the stand of Repossi, of Casorate Primo (Pavia, Italy), will be showcasing the 6000FP BIG central mounted swath rake, which can be coupled to the tractor in the rear or front (in the latter case the machine moves the forage without it being trampled by the tractor wheels).

The working parts of the rake - the combs - adapt instantly to the characteristics of the terrain (even if it is not flat) thanks to a hydraulic device, which allows them to rotate, and positions them near the four pivoting wheels that rest on the ground. In addition, the combs enter the forage vertically, move it horizontally above the clod and retract by gently touching the ground. This allows the 6000FP BIG to prevent the crop from being contaminated by soil or stones, and in the case of alfalfa, to keep intact small leaves and stalks made brittle by drying.

According to a study carried out by the University of Milan and published by the Pavia-based company, the comb model collects 75% less soil than other types of rake. But the gentle nature of the work is not the only plus of the 6000FP BIG. This model is popular for the possibility of carrying out the simultaneous operations of windrowing and baling the forage (which must obviously be ready for this operation), thus reducing work times and operating costs. Finally, front operation also allows the user to control the work without having to turn around. The rear-mounted implement is recommended when there is a lot of forage and this prevents the swath from passing under the tractor. There are two options (always hydraulic) for operating the working parts: using the tractor's hydraulic system or providing an independent hydraulic system that takes power from the PTO.

The hydraulic solution allows for the installation of a safety valve that intervenes in the event of a collision or accident and preserves the rake's functionality, limiting any damage. The weight is just 850 kg (650 kg for the version without independent hydraulics), which makes the 6000FP BIG model suitable for use with tractors of various displacements. The working width in the field is 6 m (the rake is also available with a working width of 7.50 m).

The machine has 10 combs and in operation it rests on 5 pivoting wheels, adjustable in height with a screw system and positioned close to the working parts to adapt to the soil profile.


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