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RA-Rake, always top forage quality

by Giovanni M. Losavio
May - June 2021 | Back

The RA-Rake star wheel rake made by Repossi of Casorate Primo (Pavia), thanks to its "double star" technology, combines the traditional strengths of star wheel rakes - operational speed, ease of use, easy maintenance - with a high quality of forage.

Indeed, according to the Pavia-based manufacturer, experts from Milan State University led by Professor Luca Rapetti, at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production, Territory, Agroenergy, have shown that the forage processed by RA-Rake contains (on average compared to other types of rake) 66% less exogenous ash, and has positive values for all energy and nutrient parameters as well as protein content. At the heart of the Repossi rake is the "double star wheel" technology which, depending on the rake model, consists of 12 or 14 pairs of coaxial star wheels arranged on two arms and positioned one in front of the other. The rear star wheel, which has a larger diameter, rotates as it is in contact with the ground and acts as the driving force for the front star wheel, which is further away from the previous star wheel and has a smaller diameter.

Each pair of star wheels, Repossi explains in a technical note, is independent of the others and supported by a spring that relieves the pressure of the rear star wheel on the ground. The forage is moved by the front star wheel, which never comes into contact with the ground, preventing any contamination due to soil, stones or debris. The "double star wheel" technology (patented by the Lombardy-based company) is not the only plus of the Ra-Rake, which is also popular for its high-strength frame.

The construction solution adopted by the Pavia-based company includes several hinged beams with oversized alloy steel pins, for a total mass of approximately 2,450 kilos for the 7.5 metre rake and 2,650 kilos for the larger 9 metre model. These challenging dimensions do not, however, detract from the Ra-Rake's agile manoeuvrability. Two large road wheels (100/75-R15.3) with a steering angle of +/- 74°, reads the Repossi note, make both headland manoeuvres and U-turns very easy. Steering is also made very precise by the mechanical transmission linking the drawbar to the wheels. The chassis of the RA-Rake is equipped with four additional pivoting and shock-absorbing wheels, which absorb shocks on uneven terrain and provide additional protection to the machine's structure.

These technical features make the RA-Rake a working tool especially suited to livestock farmers, contractors and forage producers who have to work on wide, flat terrain. Those most suitable for the technological solutions proposed by the Repossi rake.


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