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SPW Power, agile manoeuvring for the Kuhn mixer wagons

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2022 | Back

Kuhn is expanding its range of self-propelled mixer wagons with a line of high-capacity machines specifically designed for large farms where vehicles capable of manoeuvring with agility within environments with considerable space limitations are required. The new series, the SPW Power, was presented at EIMA International, where it was admired for the innovative technical solutions adopted by the manufacturer, starting with the design. The dimensions are such as to allow the SPW Power wagons (less than three metres in height) to adapt to any type of building, while maintaining a high load capacity (22 m3). The ground clearance of 300 millimetres allows these vehicles to avoid obstacles and barn thresholds. The new models presented in Bologna - reads a note from the French manufacturer - are an evolution of the SPW Intense vertical auger range for intensive use and are characterised by the mixing tank positioned between the two axles of the machine. Underneath the tank is the retractable conveyor mat that distributes the product; thanks to this construction solution, the SPW Power line maintains an 'overall' width of less than 2.55 metres. For farms with very high troughs, Kuhn has provided the possibility to equip the Power wagons with optional tilting mats. The 120-horsepower loading tiller makes it possible to load all types of feed quickly even when using fibre, hay and silage rations, while the electronic descent control system during silage loading in the trench and desilage operations adapts the speed of the cutter to the density of the forage, thus improving the wagon's production yield. Powered by a 167 Hp PH5 4-cylinder variable speed engine, which provides all the power necessary for the primary functions of the machine, the SPW Power models are equipped with four-wheel steering and a second axle positioned at the rear of the tank, which significantly improves the driving experience (turning radius is 7.5 metres).  Other strengths of the SPW Power range include the fact that the engine is positioned at the front, which, Kuhn explains, allows the load to be transferred to the drive axle, thereby increasing traction on rough terrain. Finally, the VISIOSPACE cab with a 360° panoramic view thanks to its special design provides great visibility and operating comfort.


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