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Effective and agile, the "organic" manure spreaders by Fratelli Annovi

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2015 | Back

With the development of organic vineyards, in which the addition of organic material of animal origin is essential to preserve and increase the fertility and biological activity of the soil, the demand has increased for manure spreaders of limited size and volume. That is to say, machines able to work even in the most modern plants. For this reason, Fratelli Annovi has developed an application with a mechanical steering wheel, with which the operator is able to manoeuver the machine with great agility, even in the limited spaces of the vineyard or orchard (the trailer wheels pass on the same track as the tractor wheels). As for the fertilizer spreading system (at row base), the user can set manually or hydraulically both the dispensing area and the dosage of the product. A note from the Modena company specifies that this functional feature ensures balanced and targeted treatments. Also in the fertilization sector, Fratelli Annovi boasts a line of manure spreaders with capacities up to 23 cubic metres, suitable for use in open fields or on large expanses of land. This type of machine is equipped with a turbine front-spreading system, and in addition to improving the traction of the tractor (the weight is distributed towards the front), it provides lower fuel consumption, given the limited power requirements compared to that of other models on the market. Among the advantages of the Modena brand’s flagship, the particular construction solution adopted for the mechanical system of the turbine (no gears or bevel gears), which is thus more durable; the vase-shaped box with outer wheels suitable for high-diameter tyres, which guarantees high yields even on moist soils; compatibility with various types of fertilizer (manure, compost, digestate, separated, vegetable waste) that enhances the versatility of the Fratelli Annovi manure spreader. 



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