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Gianni Ferrari: innovations in technology and design

by the editorial staff
October 2021 | Back

Gianni Ferrari (Reggiolo, RE) officially presents at EIMA the new range of V50 mowers - high power range - available in the Turbo V50 and Turbo V50 Cruiser models with cab.

The machines are an evolution of the Turbo 1, 2 and 4 models, completely renewed in terms of engine, transmission and driving area. The 2434 cc 4-cylinder engine develops a maximum power of 50 Hp at 2700 rpm and a maximum torque of 160 Nm/1600 rpm. In addition, there has been a change from a belt drive to a mechanical gear transmission with an oil bath clutch, which allows longer maintenance intervals. The turbine, made of wear-resistant steel and easily replaceable, can be switched off electrically if the user decides not to make a cut with collection. Even when the machine is stopped and therefore in total safety, this new system allows the movement of the elevator and the basket for unloading/maintenance operations, the lifting of the implement and the tilting of the cab or platform. A new engine enclosure design features two gas springs that allow quick access to the entire engine apparatus for the necessary inspection and maintenance operations.

Finally, a new large space has been introduced in the driving area - accessible from both sides of the machine - featuring: a new height- and depth-adjustable steering column with dashboard equipped with monitor and software containing all the vehicle information; Grammer pneumatic seat as standard with heated seat option; compact and reclining armrest to facilitate driver access from both sides and simplified control panel for the most frequently used functions; large storage compartment (only on models without cab) with USB socket; 2 audio speaker system in the Cruiser version. The driving platform rests on 4 innovative anti-vibration systems with interface buffers that facilitate lifting and lowering for maintenance and increase driving comfort. There is also a protective arch - which can be fitted with a sun canopy and rain cover - to increase driving safety; the arch can be folded down to facilitate transport and storage operations. Also on display at the Gianni Ferrari stand in Bologna, the new PG XPRO model, an evolution of the historic PG, a multifunctional machine for the green space maintenance, another of the company's flagship products. The new version, which has recently gone into full production, has been created by carefully following evaluations and suggestions provided by dealers and customers.

The driver's area has been completely redesigned with a modern design, more space and access from both sides; a new steering column with adjustable depth; LED lights, a redesigned dashboard, Confort and Confort Plus seats (4WD version only) as standard, UBS socket and two drink holders. The footboard and cover have been redesigned to make the vehicle more accessible for checks and maintenance. In particular, the load turbine interface cover has been made of a single metal piece for better access to the belts area. A new vibration damper and locking system was designed to connect the platform to the machine frame structure for greater driving comfort. The main technical innovation of the PG XPRO is the possibility for the user to engage and disengage the turbine from the control panel, independently of the PTO, in relation to the different implements fitted. The various versions of the new model have diesel engines and are equipped with an 800-litre basket, standard lift and hydraulic outlets as standard.

Also present at EIMA is the SR XPRO, a front-mounted mower that incorporates all the technological and styling innovations of the PG XPRO, with a restructured chassis to lighten the weight of the machine, road use approval, and a new overall image thanks to the renewed driver's area, black covers in the engine area and Dark Gray rims.

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