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GF3x1Plus, three one-pass operations

by Giacomo Di Paola
May - June 2019 | Back

A machine that can cut, harvest and ventilate. All with a single pass. We are talking about the GF3x1Plus mulcher, designed and built by the Gianni Ferrari Group, a company from Reggiolo (Reggio Emilia) that produces professional technologies for gardening. Offered with a cutting width of 1.35 metres, the GF3x1Plus model premiered at EIMA International 2018 is the ideal working tool for landscaping, for sports field maintenance and for all typical municipal gardening operations. The heart of the mulcher is a small hydraulic cylinder with which the user can switch from the classic cut and collect to the mulching cut, simply by pressing a button. GF3x1Plus can be applied to the PG and Turbo 1 series lawn mowers, multifunctional gardening machines developed by the Emilian company. In the version for the PG lawn mower, the GF3x1Plus mulcher stands out for its hydraulic system, while in the version for the Turbo 1, the transition to mulching is managed mechanically by the operator, with a manual lever positioned on the left side of the machine. The “three-in-one” shredder of the Gianni Ferrari group is offered with a set of 28 pairs of Y-shaped blades which can be replaced with spoon blades if necessary. Of course, for the aeration, the Emilia-based company included a set of 28 vertical blades which - as the manufacturer explains - can be combined with both Y-shaped and spoon-type tools. Compact in size, GF3x1Plus presents a length of 1.3 metres, a width of 1.57 and a height of only 53 centimetres.

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