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PTH ALL ROAD, Pezzolato launches its series production

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

Following the first prototype started in 2015 and the subsequent low-volume production, the series production of the PTH ALL ROAD kicked off in January 2020. 

A self-propelled chipper approved to circulate on the road at 80 km/h, powered by a Volvo Stage V engine 796 Hp, whose main strength lies in its compact dimensions. The machine, manufactured by the Cuneo-based company Pezzolato (headquartered in Envie), has been designed to provide high maneuvering agility in tight spaces. This is possible thanks to the four drive wheels - all steered - which allow three different steering modes: on both axles in discordant, concordant, or front axle only mode. The inlet has been placed at the bottom in order to optimize the work both with the material arranged in small piles and with the wood collected in large piles. Moreover, the closed Pezzolato drum (reliable and maintenance-free) provides quality wood chips, both small and large. The drum is 1,400 mm wide and weighs about 3,500 kg. It comprises sections to distribute the machine's effort better, reducing vibrations, noise, and consumption. With a system of di continuous speed variation, the expulsion fan enables to adjust the speed to the actual needs and, therefore, to contain consumption and avoid the production of chips too thin. The air-conditioned cabin with high-visibility windows features ergonomic controls for machine management during movement and chipping. This is possible thanks to two 12.1" color touch-screen panels on which it is also possible to view (in single or simultaneous mode) the footage of the two video cameras supplied.

Among the other advantages of the Pezzolato chipper is the conveyor's design, which can unload the material even on vehicles placed in front of the cabin and beside and behind the engine. Finally, the software developed by the manufacturer enables the operator to operate the machine in the yard without interrupting the chipping process.


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