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Quality chipping with the PTH All Road from Pezzolato

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2018 | Back

PTH All Road is a self-propelled chipper now available in the 700 Hp version built by Pezzolato located in Envie near Cuneo for ensuring maximum agility and maneuvering in the most difficult terrain. This compact self-propelled drum chipper operating on four steering wheels is equipped with a feeding inlet set close to the ground for facilitating and speeding operations on materials gathered in bunches and the entry of entire plants as well as large stacks of wood. Another strong point for this chipper is the closed drum which is patented by the Piedmont manufacturer as a unique reliable component, resistant to weather and with zero maintenance designed for excellent chipping of all materials worked on. Moreover, the PTH All Road drum is sectioned for optimizing the distribution of weight and power to reduce vibrations, noise and fuel consumption. The fan for discharging the chips runs at a low continuously variable speed and can be adjusted to the best regime for work to reduce dust and chip quality. The glassed in cab is climatized and equipped with a 12.1 color touch screen for managing the relocation of the machine and chipping. The chipper can be raised and moved back by one meter to increase radius of the crane or improve the operator’s view of the area for feeding in the materials. The manufacturer reported the maximum hourly production of the PTH All Road comes to 380 m³/h.



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