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Power and agility for Pezzolato chippers

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

Since 1976 Pezzolato has been manufacturing and marketing firewood production machines and chippers for landscapers and contractors in over 24 countries. For the Piedmontese company - headquartered in Envie, in the province of Cuneo - 2022 was a year full of innovations, many of which are expected on the prestigious stage of EIMA International. At the Bologna event, the company from Envie will be participating not only with an institutional stand but also with a space in the EIMA Energy demonstration area, where two important new products will be presented: the TL-K 650 "cutting and splitting" system for the production of firewood and the updated ALL ROAD self-propelled chipper, which offers power, comfort and manoeuvring agility. Characterised by its small size, the TL-K 650 is nevertheless capable of processing logs with a large diameter (up to 650 mm), producing logs with an operator-programmable cross-section. Launched on the market this year, the "cutting and splitting" machine is equipped with an automatic system for eliminating waste during the cutting phase and stands out for its low energy consumption (52 kW). The innovations from Pezzolato for EIMA 2022 also concern the chipper range, which includes machines with autonomous motor, power take-off, and electric, in which the Piedmontese company has invested heavily in research and innovation. It is precisely in the chipper segment that the new version of the ALL ROAD, recently approved in Italy for road use at speeds of up to 80 km/h, can be seen at work in the Energy area. Among the ALL ROAD's pluses are the latest generation full touchscreen and the cab, which can now be fully raised and swivelled. This solution makes access to controls and activity monitoring easier and more intuitive, for even more comfortable driving. Also in the name of comfort, the option of using four cameras for machine management during both moving and chopping. The restyling of the ALL ROAD has seen the introduction of the "Evolution" drum, which, says the Piedmont-based company, makes it possible to increase production capacity without compromising on the quality of the wood chips, with both small and medium-diameter wood. In addition to the new version of the ALL ROAD, visitors to EIMA 2022 can also take a close look at the PTH 1200 G model, a PTO chipper for high-powered tractors, designed to quickly process large quantities of branches, clippings and trimmings. The spotlight will also be on the new PTH 30.50 M, the smallest and most manoeuvrable chipper in the Pezzolato engine-powered range, and on the PTH 30.70 G, which produces smaller wood chips than the market standard and is a more economical alternative to pellets for boilers.


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