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Two Pezzolato plants for processing fire wood

by the editorial staff
January 2014 | Back

Two systems for processing firewood built by the manufacturer Pezzolato are on their way to the Verona exposition. The first is the Tl 1000 Professional designed for handling bundles of wood of various lengths and diameters. Using this machine the operator can choose to select the cutting length and run the trunk loader either maually or automatically. After cutting, the logs fall on an S-shaped chain band with closed meshes which transfers them to the front of the wood splitter were the operator splits any big log. The second plant is the TLC 110 Vario with a significant new feature, a fixed splitting wedge and placement of the log on the splitting grid axis by a load sensing system.

Also coming for the stand set up in the exposition hall by the Cuneo company is the automatic TB 900 vertical splitter. This machine, built for big trunks, works in steps which can be regulated, is powered by a 22 kW electric motor and carries a splitting force of 40 tons. The TB 900 vertical model is capable of completing up to ten work cycles per minute and handle logs for splitting at diameters which vary from 20 to 50 cm. Pezzolato's line of Hackertruck drum chippers for mounting on 3-axle trucks featuring great power and yield also also be on show in Verona. The drive system for these heavy duty machines runs off the truck engine to eliminate an auxiliary motor, save on fuel costs and lighten the load on the truck. The Hackertruck chippers are ideal for contractors forced to travel quickly between various worksites. Visitors to Fieragricola will also have a chance to see the Pezzolato PG 50 containerized gassification plant built for the storage and preparation of biomass plus a cogeneration module for the transformation of chips into electrical and heat energy. 


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