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Salvarani, last generation components at Agritechnica

Ad Hanover, the Salvarani company, based in Poviglio (in the province of Reggo Emilia, Italy), presented a joystick with a proportional 4-axis hall-effect base, featuring an ergonomic grip and 2 rollers that are also proportional. The base - explains the...

Salvarani technology for weeding bars

Present on the market for over 35 years, Salvarani began to produce technologies for the agricultural sector in a garage in Poviglio (Reggio Emilia), focusing mainly on the components sector. Since then, the company’s turnover has grown considerably (Salvarani also...
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Components "made in Italy", committed to quality

Mondo Macchina spoke to Pier Giorgio Salvarani, the new president of Comacomp. "The agricultural machinery industry has its historic structure in Europe and the United States, areas where the most prestigious brands are located and where technological innovation is at the forefront. Then there is an emerging structure in countries such as India, China, Turkey and Brazil, where machinery demand is growing and where a local industry is rapidly developing."

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