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Salvarani, last generation components at Agritechnica

Ad Hanover, the Salvarani company, based in Poviglio (in the province of Reggo Emilia, Italy), presented a joystick with a proportional 4-axis hall-effect base, featuring an ergonomic grip and 2 rollers that are also proportional. The base - explains the...

Hydreco Hydraulics synergies with Daikin presented at EIMA

tHE new, strong synergy between the Japanese company Daikin and the Italian Group Duplomatic MS, of which Hydreco Hydraulics, a company with headquarters in Great Britain and Italian headquarters in Emilia (in Vignola, near Modena, joined by the recent plant...

New MDC Joystick from Hydreco

The Hydreco (Poole – Dorset) Group is bringing a new MDC (Multifunctional Digital Control) to the international market. The new MDC Series Electrical Proportional joystick from the British company offers a complete range of output versions, including the CAN Bus...

Walvoil, presents new control systems

Walvoil presented at Agritechnica 2013 new control systems for front loaders which, among the company's hydraulic and electronic products and systems, ensure safety in operation, low cost and ease of installation. Walvoil opened with a basic system targeted on end-users...

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