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Drones and self-propelled robots: agricultural machines "on the move"

Autonomous mechanical means are performing increasingly complex functions in agriculture, moving and intervening on crops independently. Experimental prototypes and technologies already in production on show these days at the Bari exhibition

Spotlight on agricultural drones

The use of drones in agriculture is now an established practice. Mainly used for the collection of data that are then processed, analysed and combined to perform tasks typical of precision agriculture, aerial drones are now also increasingly used in...

Drones in agriculture: functions and regulations

Drones and targeted operations on crops were at the centre of a webinar promoted by the magazine Macchine Trattori and DronEzine, as part of the thematic events of EDP, the first virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery. During the meeting, space will also be given to the regulatory aspects related to the use of this technology

Drone-Bee event, flying agriculture

The Agriculture and Wine-growing Mechanization Show in Faenza (March 22-24) highlighted the advantages of using drones in agriculture. Drone-Bee showcases its models and illustrates their technical features

EIMA digital, a 4.0 agriculture showcase

Among the new features slated for the 2018 edition of the agricultural mechanics exposition is a Digital area dedicated to electronic technologies and IT for the management and control of machinery. Thirty-five specialized industries will exhibit their wares in this section with a range of products from GPS systems on to ISOBUS devices as well as drone flights and software for elaborating data transmitted by satellites and sensors

Droinwork fleet, at the service of agriculture

Droinwork is a company based in Todi (Perugia) that offers a wide range of services based on drone technology. These include video recording, of course, as well as photogrammetric surveys (to detect characteristics of a terrain that is not easily...

Precision farming: EU guidelines

With the ministerial decree issued last December, the European guidelines on precision farming become operational. What follows is a survey on the range of technologies that contribute to this type of farming which can also be acquired by using RDP funding

Gardening: at the EIMA Green "school"

As part of the international exhibition of machinery and equipment for gardening and park maintenance, the Monza Park Agricultural School, in collaboration with FederUnacoma, carries out training for technicians and hobbyists. The courses are centred on the use of drones for maintenance and the rules and precautions for the safe use of machinery and equipment for gardening. They involve expert trainers and include the use of films and demonstrations

Drones: a new prospective

The world of agriculture is being subjected to a peaceful invasion of drones, devices capable of conducting the surveillance of farmlands and perform a range of operations and services for agriculture becoming increasingly scientific and selective

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