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Pomegranate: a fruit with unexpected virtues

Pomegranate, a fruit with numerous health benefits, offers good income opportunities for farmers. Needed for creating optimum conditions for cultivation is the use of machinery and equipment for laying mulch on the soil, harrowing and weeding as well as topping the plants and the distribution of plant treatment products
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Agricultural tractor anti-vibration systems, a technological challenge

A lot of time has gone by since the only device for attenuating tractor vibrations was, aside from the tires, a spartan seat built as a sheet steel shell supported by a simple U spring. Today the seats, cabs, axles, suspensions and new generation tires are combined to improve comfort and safety to levels not previously imaginable

Water for agricolture, a technological challenge

Water is not an unlimited resource so its use must be rationalized even in settings in which its availability has never been a problem. Daily consumption, measured with a "water footprint" method, can be reduced by using increasingly more sophisticated and specific systems for various types of crops

Braking systems: work safely

The requirement for mobility in modern agriculture is more and more pressing with the involvement of loads and speed steadily increasing. What is important in these conditions is maintaining the best possible level of safety

Drones: a new prospective

The world of agriculture is being subjected to a peaceful invasion of drones, devices capable of conducting the surveillance of farmlands and perform a range of operations and services for agriculture becoming increasingly scientific and selective
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Air-conditioned cabs: warm feet, cool head

As far as air conditioning is concerned, the most advanced tractor cabs are on par with the most modern cars. And you can stay warm (or cool) even with the engine off, thanks to the installation of additional passenger compartment autonomous heating/cooling units, with considerable economic and energy advantages. New devices provide operator protection at all stages of work

In the Greenhouse: Transport and Spraying

Large-scale crop growing under glass has major transport, spraying and harvesting requirements and, where spraying in an enclosed space is harmful to a human spray operator, robots are the answer

Mulching: Soil Cover for Profit

Laying ground cover offers numerous advantages, especially for specialised crops, and mulchers these days also lay plastic sheeting often combined with a transplanter and other machines so that more than one operation is effected in a single pass

New tracks: rubber + steel for improved transit

Rubber tracks are a significant breakthrough for farm and earth-moving machinery, for they handle difficult terrain and critical conditions more effectively and are now available in a range of specialised designs

Telehandlers: Rivals to the Tractor?

Telescopic lifts once simply moved packaged and loose material around the farm, but now they have evolved in response to new needs and, according to some, could become a future rival for the tractor

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