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Briggs & Stratton: new intelligent

by Giacomo Di Paola
October 2015 | Back

The new range of Briggs & Stratton innovative mower engines in the EXi-Series 650 and 675 unveiled at the Garden Show in Monza came about as the direct result of suggestions filed by the customers of the American manufacturer and their requirements of reliable power plants with top-level performance. The engineering behind these engines is greatly advanced with careful attention to design and construction with prime quality components. The 163 cc 650 and 675 models come with the ReadyStart® Engine Starting which means the engine can be started with one pull or two at most with no prime or choke. Another strong point of the EXi Series is extremely low maintenance, simplified, the company pointed out, to the point that there is never any need for an oil change, the only requirement here is periodic checking the level and topping up as needed. Furthermore, no tools are required for changing the filter. With the 650 and 675 models, Briggs & Stratton also presented the new 675 and 775 InStart, equipped with all the plus features of the EXi Series models and in addition even more user-friendly starting. Instant Starting Technology (InStart) for starting the mower with a single touch of a button exploits the reliability of lithium ion battery technology. The manufacturer said once the battery is installed, it is activated by a safety lever, button or key. The battery can be recharged in 10 to 60 minutes for ten starts for the short recharge and 50 starts for the longer recharge to eliminate the need for recharging at the end of every operation.


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