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Vigorous and versatile, the new Honda engines

The Japanese multinational has announced the upcoming introduction of a line of 2 HP four stroke engines highly efficient and sparing fuel consumption. Already in production are GCVx series vertical-shaft engines coming to the market for distribution in Europe to begin in September

by Giovanni M. Losavio
July - August - September 2018 | Back

Honda is preparing for the launch of new 2 Hp engines and has reported in a technical note the imminent presentation of GX 50, 2 Hp four stroke engines with new techniques. The Japanese manufacturer said in a technical note, “This model arose due to strong market demand for an alternative of the classic two stroke power plant. That is, for an engine with low fuel consumption, greater efficiency and up to the requirements of the operator.” The engines are designed for intensive operations for which batteries are not advised. The GX 50 is ideal, for example, for brush cutting up to 6 hours a day 5 days a week and brings together lightweight and compact build typical of the two stroke engine with a low 0.32 power/weight ratio. Among the strong points of the new four stroke Honda engines is a paper air filter which ensures greater protection and facilitates maintenance intervals with easy access to components. The renewal of these engines includes a design for protection up front with lines which enhance the esthetics of the machine, especially for brush cutting for improving stability to reduce scratches on the cover when the engine is set down on the ground. Along with these engines coming up for their debut is the introduction of the vertical-shaft GCVx, technically developed on the basis of the GCV family with various technological innovations added. One of them is the Stable Combustion Technology – SCT where the combination of long stroke, the optimized shape of the combustion chamber and V-shaped valve layout provides more efficient combustion and better ability to cope with low quality fuel. Unlike its predecessors, the GCVx is equipped with an Auto Choke System, ACS, which optimizes the location of the wax element for better heat transfer and a simpler structure, providing easy and reliable starting in all conditions. According to the technical note, “This way, the startup is still faster and the engine is more reliable in all work conditions.” And then considerable pro­gress has been made in reducing high frequency noise by mounting a new muffler structure and a resin muffler protector, which makes noise smoother than the current GCV. Other innovations are being applied for the maintenance of the engine. Worthy of mention is the possibility to use and remove the paper air filter with no need to use tools and a more convenient way to drain the oil due to an advanced drain position. As regards the esthetics of the engine, this technological styling solution means the smooth top cover has no cooling holes so the engine design makes it possible for OEMs to use the option of applying their own top cover for easy differentiation. The overall features of these new Honda engines are high torque, low weight and top performance, especially for mowing, plus European Union type-approval of Stage V for the new range. The manufacturer will be turning out these vertical-shaft engines with three displacements, 145 / 170 / 200 cc for offering a wider selection as was the case for the GCV predecessers.  




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