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Trattori stretti in dirittura d'arrivo

Approval of a definitive text on emissions which would bring in the interests of the industries manufacturing specialist tractors is expected in February. It turns out that in the eyes of the European Union bodies the direct transition from Phase IIIB to Phase V is the most rational and sustainable solution
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Narrow-track tractors: European Commission opening to manufacturers' appeal

A seminar updating the procedure on the off-road mobile machinery emission regulation was held at Agrilevante in Bari to check on the final phase of negotiations conducted in the competent European Union institutions. The appeal of the Italian manufacturers for an ad hoc norm, put forward by MEP Elisabetta Gardini, has been accept
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Narrow tractors remain "on track"

Two amendments have been approved by the European Parliament, recognizing the specificity of agricultural machines for vineyards and orchards, and opening the way for the definition of a timetable, in implementation of the Regulation on emissions from engines, more compatibly with machine redesign times by manufacturers. An important role was played by the Rapporteur Elisabatta Gardini and the Chairman of the Environment Committee Giovanni La Via

Norms for tractors, an illogical turn of the screw

The Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers presents in Milan its information and promotion initiatives. The presence inside three exhibitions on agri-food chains and a demonstration event in the field serve as a reminder that agricultural engineering is fundamental for every production chain

Narrow-track tractors: farmers say NO to enacting current regulation

The association of farmers and agricultural cooperative enterprises, COPA-COGECA, has intervened with the European Commission to affirm the impossibility of implementing the Phases IV and V emission norms for machinery for operations in vineyards and fruit orchards. In the foreground is the difficulty posed for work in narrow rows by tractors enlarged by engines on which exhaust after-treatment technologies have been installed

Distance between vineyard rows: when quality is a question of space

The density of vineyard planting is one of the most important factors for achieving high quality production. The emissions norm applied to narrowtrack tractors carries the risk of required changes of vineyard training systems which would harm the quality of wine production
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Narrow track tractors report: on the wrong track

A technical study conducted by the firm TRL for the European Commission is challenged by Italian manufacturers for the method applies as well as for the merit of the findings. The anti-pollution devices prescribed for Phase IV engines are not compatible with the bodywork of the machines and, especially, staying in step with the norm would require design changes every three years

Narrow-track tractors, a political issue

If the timetable for applying the measures is confirmed, the manufacturing industries would not be able to update their production of tractors in the required. On this issue, talks were held at EIMA International with EMPs Marco Zullo and David Borelli

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