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Agriculture, Europe's initiatives against the crisis

Derogations on set aside land and simplification of the CAP, the first measures implemented by the European Union to deal with the difficulties of the primary sector. It is necessary to accompany farmers towards new production systems

The whole CAP explained to farmers

After several postponements and extensions, the new EU agricultural policy is ready to go. It will become active on 1 January 2023 with a horizon up to 2027. The policy changes some of its key points and its financial envelopes,...
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The Commun Agricultural Policy's New Mission

The new document that will guide the sector for the period 2023-2027 has been definitively approved. Measures for income support and interventions for environmental and social sustainability are the key features of the strategic document and enhance the European agricultural model
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European policies, a 'turning point' autumn

The new CAP will be put to the vote in November, with environmental and social sustainability as qualifying points. In the "Farm to Fork" perspective, Italy and Europe can become leaders of a highly qualitative agri-food system
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Digital technologies for sustainable agriculture

Investing in technology and innovation is the only possible way to produce enough quality food while respecting the environment. This goal requires political commitment and a strong CAP. These are the conclusions of the annual Cema summit dedicated to the near future of the EU primary sector

EDP, spotlight on the new CAP

The issues of the Common Agricultural Policy at the centre of EDP with two high-profile meetings. During an interview, MEP Paolo De Castro presented the Next Generation EU plan on rural development". Speaking at a webinar on sustainable agriculture, Copa-Cogeca's Pekka Pesonen clarified the position of European direct farmers

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