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Seppi M., the new Starsoil II in the spotlight

by Patrizia Menicucci
October 2021 | Back

Starsoil II, the new version of Seppi M.'s Starsoil combination tiller, will make its debut at EIMA 2021. The highly versatile features of the machine have been maintained, with the ability to break stones, chop wood and mill soil up to 40 cm deep, allowing it to be used in a wide range of agricultural, forestry, path and road construction jobs.

What's new is the reinforced transmission, which can be used on tractors of up to 310 Hp, featuring the innovative 2SPEED-POWERSHIFT transmission technology that allows the operator to switch between rotor speeds while the machine is running, using controls from the tractor. Previously it was necessary to stop the tractor and milling machine, mechanically operating a lever on the central box to change the speed. This can be in slow gear, around 500 rpm, for all work in the ground and stone crushing, and in fast gear, around 1500 rpm, for surface chopping. The "magic" that allows this quicker changeover between the two options to adapt the machine to the characteristics of the field is the use of the tractor-mounted Isobus terminal, which can also be adapted for older tractors. This unit monitors the machine's temperatures to allow rapid intervention in the event of problems in the cooling circuits. An hour meter and parts wear counter is integrated as standard to monitor operating costs.

Hydraulically adjustable slides can be fitted on request to set the working depth from the driver's seat, which otherwise has to be adjusted via the position of the support roller. The external dimensions of the milling machine remain unchanged, with an external width of 2.8 m and a large working face of 2.5 m. A smaller version is also available - 2.55 m external width and 2.25 m working width - which allows for road travel.


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