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Capraia Smart Island 2024

Capraia Smart Island is a laboratory of "green" ideas accredited far beyond the borders of the island. On the terraces of Capraia and similar areas mechanisation can provide technological solutions with which to facilitate cultivation operations. EIMA International will give voice to the agromechanical needs of these fascinating territories

by Matteo Monni
May - June 2024 | Back

Last May, the eighth edition of Capraia Smart Island was held for two consecutive days in one of the pearls of the National Park of the Tuscan archipelago. An event that since 2017 has been dealing with the many issues of sustainable development with a systemic vision and with great passion. The project, born spontaneously from a working group made up of first-level experts (CNR, Kyoto Club, ITABIA, Municipality of Capraia, Park Authority) coordinated by Sofia Mannelli (president of the Bionet Green Chemistry Association), is today a laboratory of "green" ideas accredited far beyond the borders of the island. Suffice it to say that in 2023 this initiative was awarded the "Blue Award Island" recognition by the "Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters" of the European Commission. The great and worthy work done has brought hundreds of experts (researchers, entrepreneurs, politicians) to the island in just under ten years to discuss the issues of ecological transition which, starting from the island of Capraia, are easily applicable to many other similar contexts, since many of the geographical and morphological obstacles that characterise the minor islands of the archipelago are also found in mountain areas. This year's meeting was divided into two days full of meetings and discussions on the theme of heroic agriculture and the opportunity to associate it with the birth of organic districts. The first day in fact saw the direct involvement of national experts and regional officials of the Agriculture Department with whom several young agricultural entrepreneurs, local and otherwise, who have chosen - with courage and awareness - to adhere to the logic of the organic district, were able to discuss. The second day was dedicated entirely to the "Agri-Culture" Project which, developed within the PNRR Borghi Call, aims to encourage the green transition of this splendid island, involving and strengthening the community that populates it. From this perspective, the salient aspects of what was "put on land" (but also in the sea) were discussed, starting from the establishment of the Capraia Organic District, up to the presentation of the book: "Voices of the Community of the Island of Capraia - Historical memory and gastronomic culture.” In describing 114 recipes in 190 pages, the text makes it clear how much the history of a place's cuisine coincides with its culture and how much traditions need to be protected to maintain, in a constant evolutionary path, the identities that characterise the territory. Therefore, despite being a cookbook, this text is not a simple recipe book. In fact, the authors carried out complex research in the historical archives, reconstructing in a philological way the roots of a culinary culture - both agricultural and maritime - and listening to the voices of a community strongly committed to valorising its own memory and a unique territory.

In full harmony with the style given to this year's Capraia Smart Island was the speech by Simona Rapastella, General Director of FederUnacoma, who spoke via videoconference. “The Federation continues to sponsor the Capraia Smart Island initiative because it is aware of the importance of returning to the issues of sustainable development and agriculture as an essential value of every territory”, stated Rapastella adding that “the role of agromechanics in these issues is becoming increasingly strategic precisely to develop agricultural policies aimed at protecting biodiversity, the sustainable development of territories and production with high added value.” During his speech, the director of the Federation focused on the strategic importance of trade fairs, fundamental events not only to enhance but also to tell the general public about the excellence and production versatility of Italian manufacturers. “In the context of EIMA International we are also keen to show the machines which, thanks to technological progress, are increasingly suitable for challenging contexts such as those of the smaller islands. Areas which, until a few years ago, seemed excluded from the possibility of resorting to the use of adequate mechanisation and which today have become an important market target for our companies. A target dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity, the landscape and many communities that preserve a vast cultural heritage to be protected to deliver a possible future to the new generations.” Precisely for this reason, the Capraia Smart Island project will also be the protagonist at the 46th edition of EIMA International (from 6 to 10 November) where heroic agriculture will also be discussed. Among the numerous initiatives in the pipeline, a workshop is being organised aimed at networking the smaller islands of the Mediterranean - in particular the Italian islands of the Tuscan and Aeolian Archipelago, and the Greek ones of the Sporades - and to promote an effective transfer of good practices on the circular bioeconomy front.


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