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Reliability and performance for the new Emak brushcutters

by Emanuele Bredice
July - August - September 2022 | Back

aunches the new 50.9 cm3 H series brushcutters. These are the Oleo-Mac BCH 500 and Efco DSH 5000 models, featuring top level engine performance and linear torque even at low revs. According to the Reggio
Emilia-based company, these features make these machines ideal for the most demanding jobs, such as cleaning farmland and cutting brushwood and shrubs.
Some of the technical solutions adopted by Emak for the H brushcutters, such as the piston with two elastic segments, the forged and machined steel connecting rod shaft, the roller cages and chrome-plated cylinder, help to improve the durability of these models even in the most demanding operations.
Other pluses of the new Emak models include the Primer device - which, by recalling the fuel mixture, facilitates cold starting after refuelling, even in the case of long storage periods - and the AlwaysOn system, which prevents the engine from flooding thanks to the on/off switch (it automatically returns to the on position after the machine has been switched off).
Operator comfort is ensured by the anti-vibration components and the Easy Start starting system, which reduces kickback, according to a company note.
The 50.9 cm3 H series models are available in three different configurations: with single handle (BCH 500 S - DSH 5000 S), with handlebar (BCH 500 T - SDH 5000 T), with rucksack and rucksack pocket (BCH 500 BP - SDH 5000 BP with sturdy steel structure).


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