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Emak, the new H series pruners

by Giacomo Di Paola
March/April 2022 | Back

New products from Emak. The company based in Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) is christening the Oleo-Mac PPH 250 and Efco PTH 2500 H series pole pruners, easy to manoeuvre, lightweight yet powerful tools designed for cutting and pruning branches at height without using ladders or platforms. Equipped with a 10" bar and 3/8" x 0.050" chain - enhancing the machine’s versatility and strength - the Oleo-Mac PPH 250 and Efco PTH 2500 are powered by a 25 cm3 engine that delivers 1.2 horsepower and provides the performance needed to perform various types of pruning. The two machines can be used intuitively and safely even by less experienced operators for domestic and small-scale farming work. The EasyOn device facilitates starting, while the AlwaysOn system prevents the risk of engine flooding. The piston with 2 elastic segments, the shaft and connecting rod made of forged and machined steel, the roller cages, as well as the cylinder with nickel coating, ensure constant performance over time, even under heavy use. In addition, the electronically controlled digital coil facilitates starting and improves performance by ensuring uniform combustion at all times with lower fuel consumption. Comfortable use of the machine is ensured by the anti-vibration system, consisting of a rubber insert on the transmission flange, which reduces the vibrations felt by the operator. Finally, one of the strong points of the new pruners is the easily adjustable single shoulder belt, which gives the operator greater freedom of movement.


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