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Pellenc brushcutters, effective in every situation

Powerful and manoeuvrable, durable and multifunctional; these are the main characteristics describe the new Excelion 2 battery-powered brushcutter by Pellenc, presented at EIMA 2021. The Excelion 2 is at its best in all situations, from clearing brush to intensive mowing...

Alpha by Pellenc, a prize-winning range

Presented at EIMA 2018 and awarded a Technical Mention, the new Alpha range of professional tools with integrated battery by Pellenc includes a powerful and well-balanced lawn trimmer and rod hedge trimmer. One of the main features of the new...

Airion2 di Pellenc, il soffiatore ultraleggero

Five years after the launch of the Airion1 blower, Pellenc puts on the market the Airion2, a lightweight blower with dynamic balancing. The power of the new blower has been increased by 30% compared with the first version. This is...

Rasion, a professional lawnmower by Pellenc

Rasion is the name of the new lawnmower by Pellenc, designed for landscaping professionals. Lightweight, agile and easy to transport, it is the latest addition in the Pellenc range, presented at the Garden Show in Monza. It gains favour for...

City Cut, the new cutting head from Pellenc

City Cut is the name of the new brush cutter cutting head turned out by Pellenc, coming up for presentation at the Vita in Campagna (Life in the Countryside) Garden Show. The Pellenc system is made up of two serrated...

Quality harvesting with Optimum carrier signed by Pellenc

The Optimum is a multifunctional carrier for viticulture harvesting developed by Pellenc for the purpose of providing quality harvests, top performance and a remarkable yield from operations. Designed for maintenance work in vineyards as well as harvesting, the Optimum...

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