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Alpha by Pellenc, a prize-winning range

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2019 | Back

Presented at EIMA 2018 and awarded a Technical Mention, the new Alpha range of professional tools with integrated battery by Pellenc includes a powerful and well-balanced lawn trimmer and rod hedge trimmer. One of the main features of the new Pellenc range is its ergonomics, with a centre of gravity that has been designed for optimal balance, and the backpack allows the Alpha battery to be carried on the back, with a weight of 2.6 kg for the 260 version and 3.6 kg for the 520 version. The batteries ensure a long battery life and are compatible with the other Pellenc range tools. Excelion Alpha is the professional lawnmower with an integrated 520 battery, offering a performance equal to or higher than traditional internal combustion engines. With a speed of 6400 rpm and an average battery life of three hours. Its versatility makes it suitable both for mowing tall and dense grass and for finishing the cut. Helion Alpha, on the other hand, is a professional hedge trimmer with an integrated 260 battery, which allows it to last up to 4 hours. This tool offers a very high performance, achieving cuts up to 33 mm in diameter.


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