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Precision winegrowing, management costs

Precision viticulture is fundamental to improving Italian viticulture's economic and environmental viability, which is currently undergoing significant expansion. Investing in the latest generation of mechanical equipment is challenging for this type of cultivation, but it quickly pays for itself

Viticulture, a key sector for agricultural mechanics

As part of the programme developed for EIMA International, the Club of Bologna dedicated a meeting to the development of viticulture technologies. Precision systems, from treatments to harvesting, make it possible to make vineyard cultivation increasingly productive and valuable, supporting a sector that is highly valuable not only economically but also in terms of landscape and culture

Pruning in the vineyard: the suckering machine

Suckering consists of the elimination of unfruitful shoots. Although there is a chemical pruning technique, the most common technique adopted in vineyards is the one that includes the use of mechanical suckering machines, crucial tools for improving and speeding up operations

Fontanafredda and CNH, a partnership for the sustainability

Last February, a partnership was signed between CNH Group and the historic Fontanafredda winery in Serralunga d'Alba (Cuneo), with the aim of creating a low environmental impact "grape harvest". Under the agreement, CNH will supply two New Holland TK Methane...

R.I.V.E, the viticultural exhibition moved to November 2021

The third edition of RIVE, the International Viticulture and Enology Exhibition organized by Pordenone Fiere in partnership with FederUnacoma, moves to the end of 2021. Scheduled from 26 to 28 January next year, the event was postponed to 3, 4...

Sustainable viticulture is digital

The viticulture sector, especially with its top-tier productions, has always demonstrated that it is at the forefront of the adoption of new technologies and advanced systems. The skills required today include those related to the use of digital systems, which require specific skills and define new professional roles

Specialized and mechanized, Enovitis 2018

The Emilian vineyards of Il Naviglio di Fabbrico (RE) host the dynamic Enovitis in Campo event, which has reached its 23rd edition. Machines and equipment for the various processes necessary for the cultivation of vineyards at work. Among the collateral events, several conferences and the two awards Innovation Challenge and Vote the Tractor

Technologies and digital systems for viticulture

Viticulture is one of the most important sectors in the agricultural sector, not only with regard to the added value of grape production and winemaking, but also with regard to the adoption of advanced cultivation systems. High-tech devices provide efficient and eco-sustainable processing, while the use of digitalized systems for precision farming enables the scientific management of all production parameters

Quality harvesting with Optimum carrier signed by Pellenc

The Optimum is a multifunctional carrier for viticulture harvesting developed by Pellenc for the purpose of providing quality harvests, top performance and a remarkable yield from operations. Designed for maintenance work in vineyards as well as harvesting, the Optimum...

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