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Agricultural biomethane: technology, sustainability and outlook

To obtain biomethane, the upgrading process, i.e. the removal of carbon dioxide from the biogas, is essential. Today, several efficient technological solutions are available which, supported by clearer regulations and incentives, can facilitate its deployment

Supplies alarm: the agro-energetic alternative

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is taking its toll in human, economic and social terms. In addition to the direct consequences of the war, there are also the consequences of rising agri-food prices caused by soaring fuel and fertiliser prices. Circular economy and renewable sources are key to combating food insecurity and energy prices

T6-180 Methane Power cuts costs and emissions

The T6 Methane Power, the world's first production biomethane tractor, is on stage at EIMA International in the New Holland exhibition spaces. Presented at Agritechnica 2019, two years after that preview, New Holland's "eco-tractor" can already boast a respectable set...

Biogas and biomethane, the new frontiers of innovation

In relation to the growing need for energy from renewable sources, the production of biogas from the anaerobic decay of new waste materials offers significant advantages. By extending interest to those organic matrices rich in cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin that today can’t be exploited. The several lines of research, we will be able to obtain sustainable biofuels from woody biomass recovered from our fields

Fontanafredda and CNH, a partnership for the sustainability

Last February, a partnership was signed between CNH Group and the historic Fontanafredda winery in Serralunga d'Alba (Cuneo), with the aim of creating a low environmental impact "grape harvest". Under the agreement, CNH will supply two New Holland TK Methane...

Biomethane, farmers-industries agreement

An agreement on the development of biomethane was signed in Rome on 19 April at the headquarters of Confagricoltura, in the spirit of supporting the objectives contained in the decree (issued on 2 March 2018) which promotes its dissemination. The...

A working group at MiSE on Biomethane in the agricultural sector

The use of biomethane can bring new opportunities for mechanized agriculture. To examine this issue in a perspective of supply-chain, the MiSE (Ministry of the Economic Development) established a technical work table with Italy's main stakeholders, among which FederUnacoma

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