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T6-180 Methane Power cuts costs and emissions

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

The T6 Methane Power, the world's first production biomethane tractor, is on stage at EIMA International in the New Holland exhibition spaces. Presented at Agritechnica 2019, two years after that preview, New Holland's "eco-tractor" can already boast a respectable set of awards. After winning the title of Sustainable Toty at Hanover - the Tractor of the Year category that rewards the most innovative technologies in terms of sustainability - the T6 Methane Power is now competing in the most prestigious category, that of Tractor of the Year 2022, where it will be competing against four other finalists.

The T6 Methane Power, present at EIMA 2021 in the T6.180 version, offers the same performance as its diesel equivalent - the same power of 180 Hp, the same torque of 740 Nm and the same sturdiness - with the advantage of a considerable reduction in running costs (up to 30% less according to the manufacturer). And with the added bonus of an equally considerable reduction in pollutants: according to the manufacturer's data, the T6 Methane Power reduces particulate matter by 99% (compared to the corresponding diesel model) and cuts CO2 emissions by 10%.

The T6.180 Methane Power is powered by an innovative and reliable 6.7 litre NEF engine specifically designed by FPT Industrial for agricultural applications. In order to maintain the excellent visibility from the cab and not to limit accessibility, the gas tanks are located in the same position as the diesel tanks of the standard T6 model. The fuel tank, located underneath the cab, has been optimized to ensure the current choice of tyre sizes and track width (other solutions such as ventral auxiliary distributors are available on request). The tractor is equipped with gas connections at the front and rear, allowing the use of an additional tank that can be installed on trailers and implements.

The T6 Methane Power tractor is an integral part of New Holland's Energy Independent Farm project, as the closing element of a circular economy, which goes from the fields to power generation and back to the fields again: a complete CO2 neutral cycle. Farmers can grow energy crops and use agricultural waste to generate biomethane, powering their T6 Methane Power tractor with this sustainable fuel and achieving near-zero carbon dioxide emissions. Livestock and dairy farms can take this virtuous circle even further by producing biomethane from manure, thus removing further polluting emissions from the environment (they even become negative).

In addition, the by-products of biodigestion can be used as natural fertilisers in the fields, closing the circular system. At the New Holland stand, visitors to EIMA International will have the opportunity to simulate a business plan - specific to the different types of activity related to the management of the methane-powered T6 and see the operating cost savings. The running cost calculation takes into account fuel and maintenance, including oil and fluids. This function also allows you to quantify the reduction in CO2 emissions that can be achieved with natural gas or biomethane.


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