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Mini plants for biogas production

On small to medium-sized livestock farms, anaerobic digestion holds interesting and largely unexplored opportunities. The technologies available today make the energy conversion plant economically viable, thus helping to reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Biogas and biomethane, the new frontiers of innovation

In relation to the growing need for energy from renewable sources, the production of biogas from the anaerobic decay of new waste materials offers significant advantages. By extending interest to those organic matrices rich in cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin that today can’t be exploited. The several lines of research, we will be able to obtain sustainable biofuels from woody biomass recovered from our fields
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Instruments and advanced technologies for livestock sector

Displays, conferences and workshops on the most important and current issues in agriculture are features of the 2018 Fieragricola dedicating special attention on the livestock raising sector with displays, competitions and dedicated initiatives

The good practices for biogas- biomethane chain

In Italy, biomethane is the biofuel to invest in to achieve the targets set for 2020. At the moment the national chain of anaerobic digestion of organic matrices stops at the biogas stage with high technological levels and an excellent production system. The next step will be the upgrading of biogas to biomethane. A decree will be issued to encourage the use of biomethane in the transport sector

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