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Instruments and advanced technologies for livestock sector

Displays, conferences and workshops on the most important and current issues in agriculture are features of the 2018 Fieragricola dedicating special attention on the livestock raising sector with displays, competitions and dedicated initiatives

by Mirko Ranieri
January 2018 | Back

Livestock, biogas and digital agricultural are some of the issues taken up in initiatives at the Fiereagricola event. ANARB, the National Association of the Raisers of the Bruno Breed, is celebrating at Fieragricola the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Genealogical Book on February 3, the day of their chief attraction. Moreover, also on the schedule is the 13th national junior Bruna club Italian daily cattle sale which will bring out for auction five lots of high genetic level of Bruna cattle, the presentation of the LATTeco project, the first exposition of the Original Bruno registrations known internationally as Original Braunvieh.

ANARB President Pietro Laterza declared, “We have organized appointments for testimony of the closeness always of the Fieragricola prestigious livestock showcase and we have thus consolidated our enlarged presence on the basis of the needs of livestock raisers confirmed for Fieragricola 2020 for the official National European gathering.

“On February 2 we will report the advance of the LATTeco project financed by the European Union with management coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies associated with ANARB and ANAFI, the National Association of Friesian Raisers. This event unites the productivity of dairy cattle and the use of selective sustainable selection with care for animal welfare and safeguards for the biodiversity of the breeds and consideration with impact of livestock raising on the environment.

China’s decision to withdraw their beef cattle announced by the Beijing Ministry of Agriculture on December 19 opens an especially advantageous commercial door for Italian production. Also this new development will be discussed at Fieragricola in the workshop on New Possibilities to Raise the Commercial Value of Beef” organized by Edagricole for January 31. Edagricole is also setting up poultry and pork meetings as well as Milk Day for a look at the technical and economic trend in this sector.  Biogasfattobene® created by the Italian Biogas Consortium is coming to Verona thanks to an agreement recently signed with Fieragricola. The Veronafiere, director Giovanni Mantovani, reported, “Biogas has gone  beyond the pioneer phase and is increasingly a candidate to become a solution for sustaining farm income through the diversification of productivity and raise the agronomic value of digestives. This feature, with low value in the past but now has become a new frontier for biogas and gasification.”

CIB Director Christian Curlisi commented on issues connected to “virtuous procedures generated by biogas plants on farms now able to improve farming practices favoring the addition of new technologies for cultivations, intensifying agro-ecosystems, increasing carbon capture and storage in the soil leading to fertilization with digestives for ensuring double harvests, integral cultivations, better and more efficient use of irrigation water and sustaining the procedure of precision farming.”

Among the conferences dedicated to renewable agricultural energy resources, Veneto Agricoltura has organized one of bioenergy and carbon in the soil for sustaining green energy production in agriculture.

In a large area set aside for digital agriculture, an entire day is to be given to Distribution Day on February 1st, a new event for Fieragricola. This day will feature the resale of agricultural machinery, analyses of contents and problems involved in the possible digital offerings. Friday February 2nd includes a conference From the Field to the Wine Chalice: Digital and Sustainability for Developing Wine Production for talk on using digital instruments, software and research in the field for a new approach to cultivation. 


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