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Agrilevante, the success of the livestock section

Right from the first day of the fair, a large audience of operators, buyers, and enthusiasts crowded the tensile structure hosted more than 500 livestock, including cattle, horses, sheep, and farmyard animals, representing the most prized breeds. In the animal husbandry area, a rich array of initiatives including conferences, in-depth meetings and exhibitions

by the editorial staff
November 2023 | Back

Competitions, cattlemorphology assessment tests, livestock handling competitions, as well as initiatives aimed at students at agricultural institutes and conferences on political and economic issues affecting the livestock sector. Organised in the framework of Agrilevante  (5-8 October) the livestock section is confirmed as one of the strong points of this exhibition event.

Right from the first day of the fair, a large public made up of industry businesspeople, buyers and students, as well as farming and rural activities enthusiasts, crowded the spaces of the tensile structure - which covers 10,000 square metres - was hosted no less than 500 animals including cattle, horses, sheep and farmyard animals, representing the most prized native breeds. Great interest has been aroused by the national sheep exhibition of the Gentile di Puglia breed, the gathering of draught horses (organised by CAITPR, Cavallo Agricolo Italiano da Tiro) and the cattle exhibition of the Bruna and Frisona Italiana breeds. Many visitors have attended the spectacular exhibitions of the event entitled "Horses of our land". In the livestock section of Agrilevante, special emphasis was also placed on technical meetings. The milk sector was the focus of the conference entitled "Producing milk today: milking, evaluating, managing", an opportunity for discussion of the main industry issues among breeders, technicians, managers of industries specialising in mechanised milking systems and institutional representatives. Goat breeding, in particular, was discussed at the event on "The potential of the sheep and goat sector", promoted by the National Sheep Breeding Association (ASSONAPA). The "breeding system" therefore returns to Bari in style - explained AIA president Roberto Nocentini - and confirms the growing interest in livestock biodiversity.

"The livestock breeding of Apulia stands out not only for its ability to harmonise with the different environmental contexts of the territory," Nocentini said, "but also for its production excellence and the high genetic level of its livestock". "The network of breeders and the Puglia system are in the front line to contribute to the success of Agrilevante," concluded the president of the AIA, "a strategic event for the agricultural, agro-mechanical and livestock sectors, which looks with great interest at both the Mediterranean and emerging countries".


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