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Fontanafredda and CNH, a partnership for the sustainability

by Emanuele Bredice
March - April 2021 | Back

Last February, a partnership was signed between CNH Group and the historic Fontanafredda winery in Serralunga d'Alba (Cuneo), with the aim of creating a low environmental impact "grape harvest". Under the agreement, CNH will supply two New Holland TK Methane Power tracked vineyard tractors equipped with an FPT Industrial F28 Natural Gas biomethane engine to be used in the vineyard where Vigna La Rosa Barolo is grown.

The biomethane-powered machines, designed specifically for Fontanafredda, were developed from a New Holland Agriculture tracked vineyard tractor capable of delivering 75 Hp with a maximum torque of 330 Nm. According to the manufacturer, the two models guarantee a performance comparable to diesel tractors, even on the steepest slopes and slippery terrain typical of the vineyards of the Langhe, where Barolo is produced. Fontanafredda, reads a note from the wine producer, has been committed to environmental sustainability for years, a commitment that can be seen in its daily choices, from water recycling to the use of sustainable materials for packaging and clean energy for the estate.

The arrival of tractors powered by bio-methane will make it possible to lower emissions in the vineyard and practice a viticulture that is more respectful of the environment. The three-year agreement between FPT Industrial and Fontanafredda is supported by the Piedmont Region's Tobias Project, with contributions from New Holland Agriculture and CNH Industrial, as well as a number of local companies.


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