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Enovitis: technology in the vineyard

Last June, the Friuli hills hosted the travelling event Enovitis in Campo with demonstration trials of specialised tractors and machinery and equipment for vineyard planting, plant protection and nutrition, soil and canopy management, harvesting, irrigation, biomass management and recovery, and control and detection systems for precision viticulture

Specialized and mechanized, Enovitis 2018

The Emilian vineyards of Il Naviglio di Fabbrico (RE) host the dynamic Enovitis in Campo event, which has reached its 23rd edition. Machines and equipment for the various processes necessary for the cultivation of vineyards at work. Among the collateral events, several conferences and the two awards Innovation Challenge and Vote the Tractor

The Antonio Carraro bestsellers at Enovitis in Campo

The Series R of the most compact and narrow range of tractors in their category is certain to draw special attention. Also highlighted will be the Tony 10900 TR model, an isodiametric tractor with a steering chassis and a variable, hybrid-hydrostatic-mechanical transmission

BCS, Volcan L80 takes to the field

The Lombard Group, present at Fabbrico (RE) for Enovitis in Campo, showcases its full line of specialized tractors for vineyards. The spotlights are aimed at the Volcan L80, available in three versions; AR, RS and Dualsteer

Enovitis, high technology for viticulture

The wine sector continues to be one the main protagonists of Italian agriculture. The hills around Verona will be the setting of Enovitis in the Field, the dynamic fair promoted by UIV and VeronaFiere, which will be held June 22 and 23, to showcase

Enovitis, appointment in Puglia

The Italian wine sector continues to represent an important segment of our economy. Machinery and equipment for vineyard activities are the main characters of Enovitis in Campo, an event scheduled in the province of Bari on June 17 and 18. Room for the sectors linked to olive cultivation, energy from biomass and precision agriculture. Competitions, conferences and workshops are also included in the event, arrived at its tenth edition

Antonio Carraro: new models "Tony" take to the field

The 2016 edition of Enovitis in Campo coming up in Corato, in the province of Bari, will include the Campodarsegno (Padua) tractor manufacturer Antonio Carraro arriving for the presentation of the new Tony 9800 TR e Tony 9800 SR specialist...

McCormick brand ranges to play key role in Puglia

Argo Tractors will be leading players with their specialist tractors at Enovitis in Campo 2016 coming up in June in the Torrevento a Corato vineyards in the province of Bari with the support of the Agro dealers in the Puglia...

Sky Jump, a success for BCS

The Sky Jump isodiametric tractor by BCS Spa has been tapped for the New Technology award by the committee judging the Innovation Challenge competition for the Enovitis in Campo 2014 field trials of machinery in the vineyards of Cattolica...

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