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The Antonio Carraro bestsellers at Enovitis in Campo

The Series R of the most compact and narrow range of tractors in their category is certain to draw special attention. Also highlighted will be the Tony 10900 TR model, an isodiametric tractor with a steering chassis and a variable, hybrid-hydrostatic-mechanical transmission

by Giacomo Di Paola
June 2018 | Back

The appointment for the 2018 edition of Enovitis in Campo, the trade fair dedicated to viticulture technology, is set for June 21 and 22 in Fabbrico near Reggio Emilia, will host leading manufacturers including the Campodarsego industry with the most prized units in their ranges. For an opener is the Series R tractors, the most compact, narrow and lowest profile in the category powered by new ecological Phase 3B engines equipped with an anti particulate filter. There are seven models in this Antonio Carraro lineup, all powered by 98 Hp engines, reversible steering, except for the TGF single direction, identified by the code 10900. The distinguishing characteristics of the various versions are the ACTIO AC Full Chassis with Oscillation, steering, the low center of gravity, wheelbase, lateral shift and electric lift. The the fruit orchard machine is comparable for ease of driving and space comfort, a flat driveshaft tunnel free of levers to facilitate climbing abroad and greater comfort than in a traditional tractor. The TRG 10900 models, Antonio Carraro reported in a communique, is one of the lowest vineyard tractors in the category with the benefit of a a hood measuring only 112.5/125 cm to ensure excellent forward visibility when working under the crowns. Two configurations of the rear wheels from 20 to 24 inches and two settings increase stability and travel on roads and the Series R single direction provides a broader wheelbase for greater stability, traction and comfort. The TRG 10900 R model, on the other hand, is a reversible steering tractor with more ground clearance larger rear wheels for greater traction. These tractors are ideal not only for vineyard and orchard operations but also open field work, especially for plowing in depth and towing for forestry and construction. In summary, these strong and agile tractors are suitable for agricultural as well as such jobs as road maintenance for snow clearance. The Mach 4 R is a 4WD articulated reversible quad track tractor with rubber track which stands at the top for performance, appearance and versatility. Thanks to the articulated chassis the machine can work in safety in conditions of extreme slopes or on terrain made virtually impossible due to mud and snow. The manufacturer affirmed that the rubber track creates a floating effect with no compromise of stability, grip or traction. The articulated chassis and steering geometry makes it possible to make very tight turns with no problem while avoiding damage to the header sometimes caused by traditional track changing rows. On request, the Series R tractors can be equipped with the AIR cab with type-approved FOPS, ROPS and Category 4 pressurization.

The Tony 10900 TR is an isodiametric tractor with an ACTIO™ steering chassis, reversible drive and is fitted with a constant variable, electronically controlled transmission. These models are powered by a 98 Hp 4 cylinder Kubota engine with common rail electronic injection with 540/540E PTO synchronized electro-hydraulic control for progressive advance. The constant variable transmission run by software allows the operator to personalize operations by feeding information on the continuous monitored diagnostics of performance. The Tony transmission makes use of the SIM (Shift in Motion) technology with 4 speed ratios which have 3 acceleration modes for each range and 3 for each range in the Automotive version. As for the Series R, also the Tony can be equipped with the AIR cab as an option.


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