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Enovitis: technology in the vineyard

Last June, the Friuli hills hosted the travelling event Enovitis in Campo with demonstration trials of specialised tractors and machinery and equipment for vineyard planting, plant protection and nutrition, soil and canopy management, harvesting, irrigation, biomass management and recovery, and control and detection systems for precision viticulture

by Patrizia Menicucci
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The 2022 edition of Enovitis in Campo was held from 23 to 24 June in Cervignano del Friuli (UD) at the Tenuta Ca' Bolani farm, which covers 500 hectares of white grape vines - Pinot grigio, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot bianco, Friulano, Traminer and Glera - cultivated with spurred cordon and guyot, with a planting density of 5 thousand vines per hectare.

The 16th edition of the exhibition, dedicated to field trials of machinery and technologies for vineyard care and organised by the Italian Wine Union, saw the participation of 171 exhibiting companies (+25% compared to 2021) and 7 thousand visitors, up 10% compared to the previous year.

Collateral events at the event, such as the creation of a demonstration organic vineyard for the care and development of a green vineyard, include the 'Lucio Mastroberardino' Innovation Challenge, an award for technological innovations reserved for the sector. 

Two systems won this year's Technology Innovation Award, the contest's highest accolade. These are the Smart Synthesis Hybrid Sprayer by Caffini (Palù, VR), which offers real-time control of the air flow of the electrically driven fan in relation to the type of vegetation. This ensures the effectiveness of the treatment and allows the production of drops of a constant size regardless of the flow rate of the mixture. Then there is the E-Sprayer electric sprayer by Nobili (Molinella, BO), a full electric operating machine interconnected to the New Holland E-Source for an agile work site that allows excellent calibration of functional parts, significant energy savings, and optimal power transmission.

Six awards in the “New Technology” category. The 52 Hp SRX 5800 Tora tractor by Antonio Carraro (Campodarsego, PD), which offers winegrowers a vehicle with limited power that offers cutting-edge features such as a 4-mounted cab suitable for plant protection treatments, up to 13 hydraulic outlets and Stage V compliant engines. The portable staking system Arvaplant Mobile from Arvatec (Rescaldina, MI), for vineyard planning directly in the field with the possibility for one person alone, in any ground conditions, to determine the layout of the planting and the exact calculation of the material required. The Eagle BS Dualsteer super-low tractor from BCS (Abbiategrasso, MI), a medium-high power isodiametric tractor with new functions that improve user comfort and a Stage V engine that reduces the height of the engine compartment, to the benefit of greater visibility between the rows. Biootwin by CBC Europe (Grassobbio, BG), biodegradable polymers for fighting vine pests that, once their work is done, are completely absorbed by the soil and transformed into organic substance. The Easy Farm kit by Cima (Montù Beccaria, PV), management software for visualising and storing work data relating to vineyard treatments. The UV stimulation system by Uv Boosting (Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche, F) which, thanks to UV-C ray emissions, provides control in the vineyard of certain fungal diseases by stimulating the plant's natural defence mechanisms.

The e-Sprayer is characterised by a high degree of system innovation, not only with regard to the full electric operating machine, but also with regard to an interconnected worksite with the "E-SOURCE NewHolland" evolution. The full electric system opens up a new technological scenario in viticulture, as it allows the best calibration of functional parts, significant energy savings, clean power transmission and a manoeuvrable and agile worksite.


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